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Using our creative design and bold vision, NextShift Robotics specializes in creating material handling systems using collaborative mobile autonomous robots. Our company is focused on meeting the demands of the exploding e-commerce order fulfillment market.  Our experienced designers and engineers bring enthusiasm to every project.  

Solving ecommerce order fulfillment & manufacturing challenges.

Our Firm

We're sticklers for design. Let us turn your wish into reality.


Our system is designed with you in mind:

  • Fits into your existing  physical  infrastructure
  • Short integration time
  • Eliminates post-sortation 
  • Reduces picker travel
  • Increases throughput
  • ​Easy to modify workflow
  • ​Eliminates robot fenced areas

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3 Republic Road 

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NextShift Robotics knows that material handling systems are more than designing robots and workflows. We  deliver business results without changing your facility infrastructure. Join us for the Next Shift in e-retail order warehouse fulfillment and cellular manufacturing.