Who We Are

NextShift Robotics' TM-100 robot is designed from Harvest Automation's small rugged outdoor mobile robot, the HV-100. Therefore, the TM-100 has many of the proven capabilities of the HV-100, which has been used at multiple agricultural sites throughout the country:

  • Visible, easily accessible e-stop flag
  • Balancing rollers for uneven surface handling
  • Robotic UI for instant communication

Our Team

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Next Shift Robotics works with our clients to craft systems that deliver business results. 

Our History

NextShift Robotics is a Massachusetts based startup. We expect you to spill items (solid and liquid) on the floor, bump the tote on the shelf, or park a pallet in the aisle --- the TM-100 is designed to handle normal warehouse and manufacturing floor conditions. It travels around items in the aisle, grips the tote even at a  15 degree skew, or chooses another path if the aisle is blocked.

We know that you want flexibility, scalability, and a quick return on investment. With our easy-navigation system, integrated gripper, layered software services, adjustable robot height, variable tote length,  and flexible tote retrieval from flat to angled shelf,  NextShift caters to your needs.

Our Management team has significant warehousing, manufacturing, and industrial automation operations experience.  Mary Ellen Sparrow, co-founder & CEO, has 25+ years leading software engineering teams in robotics and automation. Stephen Toebes, co-founder & Hardware Advisor, has 16+ years leading engineering teams in robotics and automation, with 10+ patents in robotics and automation.